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Сотрудник приемной

Описание работы:

  1. To make guest check-ins and check-outs and make all the corresponding registrations.
  2. To provide the guests with their room-keys and follow up that the keys are always returned to the reception.
  3. Answer all incoming telephone calls.
  4. To provide guests with necessary information.
  5. If necessary, to implement other jobs assigned by the Employer according to the Employees knowledge and abilities.
  6. Be present at the working place in accordance with the time schedule and shift fixed by the Employer.
  7. The employee works by  weekly A, B, C, 2 days off schedule.

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  • Языки
    Армянский, русский, английский
  • Профессиональный опыт
    до одного года
  • Вид контракта
    Незафиксированный контракт
  • Уровень образования

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Сотрудник приемной
Сотрудник приемной