Special Menu for Great Lent Period at "Raffaello" Restaurant

Special Menu for Great Lent Period at 2017.03.01

Great Lent has already started.

"Raffaello" Restaurant is offering a Special Menu for this period.

Great Lent Menu:



Fresh spinach salad with cherry tomato, mixed nuts and bell pepper – 3.600 amd

Salad with wild rice, red cabbage and sesame sauce – 3.600 amd



Potato and chickpea with curcuma soup – 2400 amd

Spicy lentil soup with red bean and mushrooms – 2400 amd


First courses

Trio of rice with vegetables ratatouille in sesame sauce – 3600 amd

Rigatoni pasta with fresh tomato and mixed greens pesto sauce – 3600 amd


Second courses

Pas Dolma in cabbage leaves with mixed legumes – 4000 amd

Carrot, cumin and kidney bean burger with fresh seasonal salad – 4000 amd



Chocolate and red beet “Mama” Brownies – 2000 amd

Soya Milk panna cotta with early nuts compote and crushed walnuts – 2000 amd

Gelée with seasonal mixed fruit – 2000 amd



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