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Argentine Wine Week




Best Western Congress Hotel is having a real Argentine Wine Week. On this occasion we prepared special chef suggestion for the period from April 17 to April 23.





Menu of the Argentine Week:


Empanadas with meat - 3.000 AMD

Empanadas with vegetables - 2.500 AMD

Beef tagliata with chimichurri sauce - 6.800 AMD

Crepes with vanilla ice cream and dulche de leche - 2.200 AMD

Del fin del mundo reserva Chardonnay, Patagonia - 2.500 AMD 

Del fin del mundo reserva Malbec, Patagonia - 2.500 AMD

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Brand New Late Night Menu


Are You hungry during the night when nearly all the restaurants are closed?

You are welcome to meet our tasteful solution - Brand New Late Night Menu at our "Venice" Bar.

Starting from March 20, Best Western Congress Hotel with great pleasure offers full Late Night Menu from 23:00 to 07:00.








Sandwiches with ham and cheese - 2.000 AMD

Sandwiches with salami and cheese - 2.000 AMD

Sandwich with grilled vegetables - 2.000 AMD



Olives assortment - 1.500 AMD

Pickled cucumber - 1.500 AMD


Hot Dishes

Lasagna with Bolognese sauce - 3.000 AMD

White rice with aromatic butter and parmesan - 2.000 AMD



Fruit Assortment - 4.800 AMD

Tiramisu - 2.000 AMD

Cheese Cake - 2.000 AMD

Panna Cotta - 2.000 AMD

Chocolate Cake - 2.000 AMD

Fresh Fruit Salad - 2.000 AMD

Cookies Selection - 1.500 AMD

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Special Menu for Great Lent Period at "Raffaello" Restaurant


Great Lent has already started.

"Raffaello" Restaurant is offering a Special Menu for this period.

Great Lent Menu:



Fresh spinach salad with cherry tomato, mixed nuts and bell pepper – 3.600 amd

Salad with wild rice, red cabbage and sesame sauce – 3.600 amd



Potato and chickpea with curcuma soup – 2400 amd

Spicy lentil soup with red bean and mushrooms – 2400 amd


First courses

Trio of rice with vegetables ratatouille in sesame sauce – 3600 amd

Rigatoni pasta with fresh tomato and mixed greens pesto sauce – 3600 amd


Second courses

Pas Dolma in cabbage leaves with mixed legumes – 4000 amd

Carrot, cumin and kidney bean burger with fresh seasonal salad – 4000 amd



Chocolate and red beet “Mama” Brownies – 2000 amd

Soya Milk panna cotta with early nuts compote and crushed walnuts – 2000 amd

Gelée with seasonal mixed fruit – 2000 amd



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Armenian Breakfast


Armenian Local Products

Feel the taste of Armenia !

From now on every day you can try new Armenian local products during the breakfast. Here can find Armenian bread Lavash, meat options such as Basturma, Armenian Cheese assortement , fresh greens and seasonal fruits.  You can also try Armenian sweets such as Gata , Pakhlava, Sujukh ,dried fruits and Early nuts in syrup. We also serve fresh and healthy diary products such as rejan and qamac Macun.

You will also find the descriptions of each local product at the breakfast. 

Enjoy your vacation with tasty and healty food.

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